Shipping the wigs to France quickly, dedicated shipping service, safe delivery to users (Door To Door), the lowest price in the market. PTN Express specializes in transporting all kinds of goods such as: Food, Samples, Documents, Gifts, Cosmetics, Medicines, Personal Tools, … to France with prestige and cheap price.
Wigs are currently very popular in French cities, it is an important part of helping women to create many hairstyles when going to parties, birthdays, weddings, photo shoots, … Therefore, at makeup salons, training makeup students, .. in cities in France, the demand for wigs to support work increases.
In Vietnam, the handcrafted wig design market is as sophisticated as that of France, and the accompanying product price is cheaper than the French market. Therefore, wigs in Vietnam are being sought and shipped regularly. The express delivery service of wigs to France at PTN Express always ensures that the goods are delivered on time.

Shipping service to France

PTN Express has many years of experience in the field of international express delivery, with more than 200 employees specializing in handling packages to France every year.
Coming to the service of transporting wigs to France at PTN Express, customers will be completely assured that the goods will always be delivered on time. Safe goods, fast delivery to users. The service of transporting wigs to France is a service that requires professionalism and care in packing and reinforcing goods correctly. We always understand that and always serve our customers in the most dedicated way.
Fast delivery service to France from 2-4 days.
The service of sending wigs to France usually takes 5-7 days for freight.
Customers can immediately contact the free support center to receive the most accurate shipping service and freight rates:
Hotline: 092 675 7777

Advantages of using wigs shipping service to France

Customers when using the freight forwarding service to France at PTN Express will be guided by experienced staff to choose the shipping service with the lowest freight rates. In accordance with the package and the requirements of the customer.
+ Home delivery nationwide, we always have a team to deliver goods at home quickly. Helping individual customers, businesses, agents can arrange the fastest and easiest delivery time
+ Packing and reinforcing goods according to international standards completely free of charge
+ 100% cargo insurance to ensure the safest goods
+ Confidentiality of customer information.
+ Compensate for goods if damage or loss occurs during the transportation of goods at PTN Express
+ Accurate and flexible payment for goods
+ Attractive discount for loyal customers at PTN Express
PTN Express commits to customers that goods are always delivered on time with the lowest freight rates in the market. We are confident to be the most prestigious transportation service provider in Vietnam.


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