Africa is the second largest continent in the world and is also home to many unique natural landscapes and ecosystems. Trade in goods in Africa still happens every day,showing that Africa is a fertile land for the express delivery industry to develop.
In the article below, PTN Express will help you reveal how to transport this rough diamond quickly, conveniently and cheaply

1. PTN EXPRESS accepts to ship items to Africa:

PTN Express accepts and sends a variety of goods such as food, electronic goods, fragile goods and some difficult-to-transport items such as powdered goods, goods of all kinds.liquids (fish sauce, shrimp paste, dried fish..) and bulk items.
– For food and cosmetic goods: goods must have clear labels and brands.
– For electronic goods: receive and send items without magnets, without batteries, without oil, …
– Paper products such as: Photo albums, paper, stamps, paper boxes, ….
– Some other items such as: ceramics, glass, dishes, paintings, ….
– Functional foods, traditional medicine, male medicine, weight loss medicine…
– Genuine goods such as Chanel, Gucci, Levis … need to provide purchase receipt.
– Items that are difficult to import are items with meat, nest, fake goods, goods with batteries, with magnets, but PTN Express still receives and sends them, but the charges will be different depending on the case.
Please inbox directly for specific advice on a case-by-case basis.
PTN Express does not accept or send items: eggs, milk, contraband, fresh frozen food, goods of unknown origin, origin, substandard, stimulants, weapons, explosives & some other items are prohibited under the laws.


Currently, PTN Express has a nationwide post office system to support door-to-door delivery for customers using our company’s services, in addition, PTN Express also accepts Home delivery and packing in Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Long An & Binh Duong.

– Delivery time will depend on factors such as: easy or difficult goods, whether the recipient can provide the documents required by customs, weather, Delivery address, situation.
of the receiving country, the time of customs inspection of the goods, etc. Based on experience in the field of nationwide express delivery, Laboratory Express gives an initial estimate time.
head as follows:
+ Express package: from 5-7 working days.
+ Savings package: from 8-10 working days.


Some additional fees that PTN Express may notify you of in advance:
– VAT fee (if taking invoice).
– Delivery and refund fees incurred. (You just need to send the specific address with the postal code in the receiving country, PTN Express will check it for you).
– Delivery fee to wrong address. (The delivery address has changed from the original address the customer sent).
– Oversize, Overload Charges (For large, heavy weight items).
– Fumigation fee For wood products.
Some fees are rarely incurred and are known only when they are incurred:
– Import tax fee.
– Fees during goods inspection with customs.


Each parcel uses 2 ways of calculating the freight rate
1. Actual scale
2. Measure the three dimensions of the package after packing: (length x width x height): 5000.
Compare 1 & 2 which is bigger will be taken to calculate the freight.


All items shipped to Africa at PTN Express go through a standard & professional process. This process ensures the speed of goods delivery to the recipient, and at the same time
time to avoid damage, loss of goods. The steps include:
Step 1: You will discuss with us the necessary questions and shipping information for the quotation process
+ Name of goods, kg, address, full name of consignee.
+ Address, phone number, name of consignee.
– From the above information, PTN Express will clearly advise on all procedures, sending time and shipping Charges to Africa.
Step 2: You accept the freight rate & PTN Express will assist you in receiving and packing the goods.
Step 3:
– PTN Express conducts goods inspection, makes labels For items without specific information, food vacuums, foam wrap For all kinds of products.
– Weigh according to the calculation of the airline, then take a picture and send the data to the customer For payment.
Step 4:  You approve the amount of kg to be paid, PTN Express will proceed to make the necessary documents such as customs declaration, Invoice, MSDS, FDA, …… & send the goods to you.
Step 5:  Send tracking code, bill for customers to follow up with PTN Express.
Step 6:  Deliver the goods to the recipient and thank you for trusting and using the service.
For more details, immediately contact PTN Express for a free consultation via Hotline 0926757777


-Online method: You just need to fill in specific and accurate information in the table below, a staff of PTN Express will contact you:
+ First and last name
+ Phone number
+ Email
+ Contents


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